The Russell School of Ministry will equip and prepare you with knowledge, skills, and character.


What do you need to develop to do Kingdom Work? Our Field Education program will help you learn ministry skills in a local church.


You can’t lead people where you haven’t been. Our team will help you follow Jesus well and build a life worth following.


What do you need to know to be an effective Kingdom Worker? We offer strong academics to equip you for the future.

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Why Choose Us?

The Russell School of Ministry is an institution focused and specialized on training leaders for ministry. It’s less “Christian liberal arts college” and more “trade school for ministers.” If that’s not what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to recommend schools that might be a better fit.

But if you think that God is calling you to lead and work in a local church and you want to be prepared and equipped for that work, Russell School of Ministry might be for you.

One Night a Week

With a mix of in-person and online classes with for-credit ministry experience, you can finish your degree only attending one night per week.

Extremely Low Cost

Every institution says their degree is "affordable." Our goal is for degree-seeking students to finish with no debt.

Partner with Churches

A lot of what you learn through RSM won't be in a classroom. Our cutting-edge Field Education will help you start learning ministry skills at a local church in a guided, mentored, collaborative way.

Pick Your Entry Point


Learners take classes for enrichment. They do no homework, earn no grades, and pay no tuition.


Students take classes for credit. They do assignments, get grades, and work towards an accredited degree.

Choose Your Level


The RSM program is two years long. Start from scratch and get your associate degree, or transfer in 60+ hours and pursue a bachelor's degree.


Finish your Master of Arts degree in two years.

Personalize Your Education

A Variety of Options for All Kinds of Learners

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